The heart and soul of Kinnegarland

Brewing & Maturation

We brew routinely on our 2-vessel 35HL kit but we're also lucky enough to have our original 10HL brewhouse on site. Together our two brewhouses give us the scope to produce volume and the flexibility to develop fresh ideas and regularly make new beers. Our core beers ferment and condition in unitanks. We use the traditional method of 'spunding' during fermentation, allowing our friends the yeast to carbonate the beer naturally. We neither filter nor pasteurise the beer.


The brewery is completely self-sufficient in four packaging forms. Our iconic 500ml bottles are filled alongside 440ml cans while steel kegs are filled for our domestic Irish customers and one-way key kegs are sent out into the export market.

Phunk Farm

Our Phunk Farm project is based in K1, Kinnegar's original premises in Rathmullan. It allows us to play with mixed and spontaneous fermentations, and the other weird and wonderful aspects of traditional farmhouse brewing.